Tuesday, January 10, 2012

V8 Fusion

I feel the V8 Fusion drinks are marketed directly at me.  Why yes, Campbell's, I am an adult female, between ages 25 and 55.  Yes, I do have children.  Yes, I am often on-the-go, and I do look for healthful beverage options for my whole family.   Oh, and yes, I would indeed like to see Jackie Chan in a commercial.

Actually, they really don't need to make more commercials for V8 Fusion juices for me, because it's already a staple in our household.  I'm going to guess that it is for others too, since when they are on sale, I find myself in the company of several other women standing in front of the V8 Fusion drinks, scanning the various flavors to find the one that our kids like the best/are most likely to drink.  The drink says each serving contains ½ cup of vegetables and ½ cup of fruit, with no added sugar - it's got to be good for you, right?  It will make up for the fact that our child won't eat carrots today, right?  It's a good alternative to the Brussels sprouts I meant to make as a side for dinner, but forgot about, right? Right?  Well, maybe not, but it tastes good.  

Princess Goat's preferred flavor is the Peach Mango, or what we refer to as Yellow Juice.  She loves the stuff.

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  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I love Jackie Chan, but not in this commercial. Every time one of them comes on, I mute it, just because of the background sound. Maybe a new commercial could be made with Jackie as an older guy (which he is) sitting in a nice atmosphere, drinking a V-8 fusion, and getting energy to do some of the stunts he did when he was young without the background phony karate sounds.