Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to the French Press

Several months ago, our electric vacuum coffee maker, the Bodum Santos, died.

Three and a half years of daily use, I suppose, is a pretty good run for a kitchen appliance.

The Santos made good coffee, entertainingly, and I liked it, but towards the end it got quite inconsistent.  At one point I had a difficult time finding a replacement filter.  Being made of plastic, it got scratched up and cloudy.

So instead of replacing it, we have gone back to using the French press and an electric kettle.  I bought the biggest one I could find - a 12 cup, 51-ounces Bodum Chambord.  The more popular sizes, the ones that are most easily available at the stores, are 4 to 8 cups, but this one is big enough for a cup of coffee for each of us in the morning, plus a Thermos full of coffee for Foodgoat to take to work, which is perfect.

It's simple to use, doesn't take up much space, and it also makes excellent coffee - better than the electric vacuum coffee maker.  The only real downside is that it won't keep coffee warm if you don't drink it right away, but a Thermos will take care of that, so it's still my favorite way to make coffee. 

It's such a simple, low tech, and effective means of making really good coffee that I wonder why everyone doesn't use it.  Instead everyone has a drip machine.  Which needs electricity, requires you to buy filters on a regular basis, takes up more counter space, is less intuitive to use, and worst of all, the coffee doesn't even taste as good. 

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