Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stoves for the 1%

On a recent stop at Williams-Sonoma, I saw this dreamy stove:

Made by La Cornue, a French company, the CornuFe features:
  • 5 powerful gas burners, including a center burner that goes up to 17,500 BTU and one simmer burner adjustable from 600 BTU to 6,000 BTU
  • 2 electric convection ovens with French side-swing doors (swing doors!); one with seven cooking modes, including convection and conventional baking/roasting options
  • 4 oven racks 
Nice, yes?  Priced at $8,600 with $1,300 for delivery, it's definitely beyond my means.

But then I went to the La Cornue website, and found that the CornuFe is their affordable line - the stove for those with, as they say, "a more modest budget". 

Their prestigious line is the hand crafted Chateau line of stoves, with their self-described crown jewel bring the Grand Palais 180.  The range is almost 6 feet in length, has one grand vaulted gas oven and one grand vaulted electric oven, and six cooktop configurations, which can include a power burner of 22,000 BTU and a lava rock grill.  And on the website, you can view the color configurations just like you can on car websites. It makes the CornuFe version look tiny. 

I have no clue how much the Grand Palais 180 might cost.  Certainly as much as a house in the Cleveland area, but which neighborhood in the Cleveland area, I'm afraid to guess.

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