Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Blade Runner Noodles

On a very cold winter day, a bowl of hot, spicy noodles is a very delicious thing.

After making the soup, Foodgoat felt there was something missing. It was spicy and tasty and yet still somehow incomplete.

A ha! A spoonful of miso and a half can of coconut milk made a world of difference - adding some depth and balancing out the spice just right.
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  1. This is my third attempt at "Blade Runner" noodles.

    I feel I am getting much closer to the ultimate goal and when I do, I will post the recipe on this blog.

    My first attempt Ladygoat and I mostly followed a recipe: and it was terrible, but I did pick up some great ingredients like palm sugar.

    The last two tries were much better, but I feel the next time I will nail it.

    For it to be true "Blade Runner" noodles:

    It must bring a little bit of salvation and hope during a gritty day.

    It should blend a lot of Eastern and Western tastes.

    It should be forward thinking but be respectfully of the past.

    Plus Organics and Replicants should love it equally.