Thursday, January 22, 2009

Filipino Dessert in an Italian Deli

Over the holidays, while shopping at the local Italian deli, I was surprised to come across this particular treat:
Polvorones? Like polvoron? As in the flour butter powdered milk confection that I love so much?

What is a Filipino dessert doing in an Italian deli in Cleveland?

With guava, yet!

It was made by a local Spanish bakery, the Lelolai Bakery and Cafe, which is located right next to the West Side Market. As soon as this freezing cold weather and GoatSpawn moods permit us, I'm heading right over the next time we hit the market to stock up on more polvorones.

Because their polvorones was delicious. A little less buttery than the one I make, a little firmer, and also with a dollop of gellified guava or mango for added sweetness and crunch, the Lelolai polvorones were a yummy holiday treat. I bought and enjoyed several packages.

Alas, Foodgoat did not get to enjoy nearly so many, because he is lacksidaisical in his treat dipping while I am, shall we say, intent and focused where particularly tasty sweets are concerned.

But I did not want him to miss out on all the goodness, so for each box I left the last piece for him.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    FYI -- you can find these in Dave's supermarket, too (the one at Cedar-Fairmount, for sure).

  2. Ooh, thanks! Good to know.