Monday, January 5, 2009

Of All the Things to Buy Online

We had a lot of things shipped to our house over the holidays, but the silliest thing to get delivered was this 25 pound bag of flour from King Arthur Flour. We just couldn't resist the free shipping day they had a few weeks ago, considering that it's our favorite brand and Foodgoat with his dumplings goes through flour in no time.

The sad thing is that it didn't occur to me to also stock up on bread flour for use in the bread machine, so last week I had to run up to the store for even more flour.
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  1. You look like you're giving that King Arthur Flour a good hug — and well-deserved, for such a true and loyal kitchen friend. Glad you were able to save yourself some lugging via our free shipping day - enjoy the 50 or so batches of cookies you can make with that bag... PJ Hamel, King Arthur flour baker/blogger