Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lessons in Chestnuts, Continued

Even though the ratio of good to bad chestnuts following the braising was disappointing, we were still left with a bowl of enough tasty chestnut meat to work with. The next step: grinding up the chestnuts, using a rotary cheese grater, which I thought was a clever use of what I thought was a unitasker tool.

Foodgoat then added rum and sugar, to taste. Foodgoat recommends not too much rum, otherwise it just tastes like rum, but of course, it's hard to hold back where rum is concerned. As Foodgoat discovered this time, when he did in fact just a bit too much rum.

And there you have it! Chestnut rum puree. But wait, something is missing ...

Fresh whipped cream, of course - adding the perfect topping to Foodgoat's favorite dessert.

The verdict - delicious. Not quite as good as his grandmother's torte version, but delicious nonetheless.

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