Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Saveuring Avocados

Look at that gorgeous cover on the latest issue of Saveur!

I read the cover story on avocados out loud while Foodgoat was cooking dinner (which, sadly, did not contain avocodos). We drooled over the luscious photos and descriptions, and by the end we had concocted plans that would require at least 20 avocados.

Saveur mentions pairing them with seafood a few times, but Foodgoat is an ardent fan of the avocado-bacon match-up, which is yumminess incarnate. And while the article makes much of the role that guacamole had in popularizing the avocado in the 20th century, for all the avocados we buy we've never made guacamole.

My experience of avocados goes far back into my childhood, and never in the form of guacamole. Like the article's author, I mostly remember eating avocados straight up out of the skin, in my case with a spoon and a sprinkle of sugar.


  1. I'm just begining to use avocados in everything -- soups, salads, sandwiches. I can't get enough.

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Hey there! I wanted to alert you about this: http://balirecipes.com/category/foodgoatblogspotcom

    I have been asking them to take down all copied content but so far they have only removed mine and another foodie friend's posts. Their contact address is: contact@balirecipes.com

    If they have your permission to reproduce your content, please ignore my intrusion.

  3. Thanks Manisha.

    I enjoyed your post on your blog- keep up the fight.

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    More Avocado enthusiasts!
    Eating Mexican without avocados/guac is just... wrong.

    A personal fave of mine:


  5. YES! Avocado + bacon is sublime. One of my favorite childhood treats was a sandwich made of toasted white bread, avocado, cheese (in this case crappy American) and bacon. Toast the bread, mush that perfectly ripe avocado onto the bread witha fork, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper, lay down your bacon strips and that plastic-like slice of cheese and slap the other piece of toast on...Heaven!!

  6. I get this magazine too and loved the avocado story. My hubby made an avocado topping for steak the other night that was fantastic. He chopped up an avocado, sprinkled it with lime juice (no lemons at home at the time) then sauteed some mushrooms and onions. When they were done, he tossed in the avocado and spooned it over the steak. YUM!

  7. Anonymous1:27 PM

    If you love, love, love avocados, may I recommend a recipe for Avocado Papaya Salad with Papays Seed Dressing from Cindy Pawlcyn's book "Big Small Plates". Definitely needed a big plate of this winner. Yum....