Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's True: It's Boar, Not Boring!

When we are forced by circumstance to pick up bacon at the local grocery store instead of the West Side Market, I end up disgruntled. The quality of the packaged bacon leaves something to be desired, being less flavorful and usually very fatty. But to add insult to injury, the price is often double that of bacon at the West Side Market.

Then, while shopping at Heinen's a few weeks ago, we spotted a bacon that ungruntled us: D'Artangnan's Wild Boar Bacon. Sure, the price is a stiff $8 a pound, but eating wild boar... feral swine ... maybe even Hogzilla! Priceless.

It didn't disappoint, either. It tasted different from the run of the mill farm-bred bacon: meatier and more interesting and de-licious on a burger.

On a side note: this year's Fourth of July lesson is to never leave a cardboard box of paper bags underneath the barbeque grill. Especially when grilling.


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    I wondered what the buyers were doing with the live feral hogs our neighbors have been trapping and selling, now I know. I figured they were stocking a hunting preserve!
    They're giving 30 cents/lb live weight for trapped hogs trucked into Sunset Tx. One buddy made three grand in two weeks this summer trapping them off his property.
    Good to know they're making tasty, tasty bacon.

  2. I'm a Cleveland native, and boy is it comforting to read about things like the Winking Lizard and Heinen's!