Monday, July 23, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Find an Ice Cream Treat Disgusting

I noticed that on the Pierre's Ice Cream website, they do not have a picture, or even a description, of their Strawberry Crunch Bars. This was merciful of them, because the Strawberry Crunch Bar is visually a horror.

Picture it: the brightest, most unnatural, practically neon, pink ice cream bar, coated with powdery chunks of white "cake".

Taste it: an assault of artificial strawberry flavoring and mushy sugar-flour balls.

I don't know what possessed the good people at Pierre's to produce such a thing. Maybe it's one of those things that they didn't want to do, but had to do it because something has to pay the bills, and it might as well be those same people that eat Oreo O's with Marshmallow Bits cereal for breakfast.


  1. Gross ... say it isn't so that I'm repulsed by ice cream.

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  3. mmmmm. Strawberry Dirt Bars! My high school cafeteria sold those. Chocolate ones too. Nasty. But in a pinch will do.