Thursday, February 1, 2007

Best Birthday Cake Ever

Last week, on Foodgoat's birthday, he was summoned to his grandmother's house to personally pick up a mysterious birthday present. An odd request, considering they knew they would see each other later that day at their joint birthday lunch.

What could it be?
Why, it was only the best birthday cake ever! Foodgoat's grandmama made him his very favorite dessert - a luscious rum torte with chestnut filling, topped with fresh whipped cream. A whole torte, just for him. He has had a yummy slice every night since.

Foodgoat was so happy that his birthday present to her was to finally get his hair cut.


  1. The favorite cake in our family is a deep chocolate mocha cake and I made it for my son's bday last week. Happy bday Foodgoat!

  2. haha well your man is certainly enjoying it! looks delish! :)