Thursday, February 15, 2007

Here's Some Links for Yah, Brothah

How much did I like last night's Lost episode? Enough to put up a picture of Desmond wearing a really long tie, brothah, and to note that McCutcheon scotch whiskey doesn't seem to be a real brand. Pity, that.

I forwarded the link to Anthony Bourdain's Food Network rant last week to Foodgoat, but Foodgoat was surprisingly indifferent. "Didn't you like it?" I asked. "Yeah, but that blogger was trying to sound too much like Anthony Bourdain, "he dismissed. "That was Anthony Bourdain!" "Well, that explains it."

The Food Section points us to instructions provided by the Burger King in Germany on how to build a throne made of your fries and ketchup. Didn't I see this on Modern Marvels? I should have.


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  2. Hmm. Desmond. I'd prefer him bearded and tanned. Hotness!

    And Tony's rant? Fantastic! LOL.