Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hot Cocoa Weather

In all my long years in Cleveland, this is my very first official snow day. Can't go to work! Too much snow! There is so much snow that Sienna the Dog got stuck in a snow drift when she ran out into the backyard, and Foodgoat had to fish her out.

Fortunately, we have a canister of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and whole milk. Ordinarily, whole milk is disgusting. But I make an exception for when there is a blizzard outside.


  1. Holy cow! Case closed? Case didn't even close the weekend during 1996-1997 when it snowed 2 feet Saturday and Sunday and they didn't call the maintenence crews in to plow until Monday.

  2. I was quite pissed that Case closed but I didn't have a class on Wed., so it didn't do me a bit of good.
    We had cocoa, too.

  3. if you're snowed in, check a foodblog you may not have seen before. I post dinner and how to make it m-f, and I have a good one today if you are in the mood for a little Italian American, and loads this past week on places to try in NYC if you're an out of towner, since I had my girlfriend from Italy visiting.
    I'm a professional cook living in NYC and working in Italy. (Come to Italy and cook for a week!)

  4. Anonymous12:15 AM

    for an amazing cocoa, if you care, try scharffen berger's cocoa powder. dear god, it's good.

  5. Even better is Jacque Torres' 'Wicked' Hot Chocolate. Amazing! Here in New York, it's pretty easy to find, but you can always mail order it from

  6. Anonymous6:01 PM

    I love that hot chocolate. It's my favorite with Walkers Shortbread. Soooo buttery.