Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tryout Tuesday: El Rodeo

When we walked into El Rodeo, looking for a little Mexican food love, kids were running around everywhere. And there were ... so ... many ... colors. Red hand-painted chairs, blue chairs, green chairs. And a very bright yellow sun smiled up at up from our table.

After we recovered from the slight vertigo of unused-to vibrancy, we had what was actually some pretty good Mexican food (it's always a gamble getting ethnic food in the 'burbs). I had the shredded beef quesadillas; Foodgoat had enchiladas. They noted in the menu something like "proper food takes time" - a hint, I suppose, to people who are used to getting their Mexican fix from Taco Bell (which is okay in California but downright atrocious in Cleveland).

The best part of the meal (aside from a character of a waiter) was dessert: a churro. A hot fried dough stick covered with sugar and cinnamon that I usually only find at Disneyland. Yum. Did you catch that? YUM.

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