Sunday, April 10, 2005

Is My Blog Burning? #14: Orange you hungry?

This dish is brought to you by the color ORANGE

Food being an aesthetic experience as well as a tasty one, in this April round of that Is My Blog Burning?, sponsored by we us here at Foodgoat, I put out the call far and wide to bloggers of all stripes to whip up a little something in the orange hue. Many of my favorite foods fall in this lovely, lively range of the spectrum. Not just orange the fruit, but among the foods coming in one orange shade or another are sweet potatoes, butternut squashes, various cheeses, paprika-spiked chicken paprikash, macaroni and cheese, certain peppers ... but enough about me, what dishes come up orange for you?

Post your orange-colored recipe on Sunday, April 24 (prime time to bust out the digital camera too) and email me your link at so I can include you in my summary. Orange you excited? I am.

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