Friday, April 22, 2005

rejection letter

Dear okra,
Thank you for your audition in the grilled dinner the other night, along with the lamp lamb chops and zucchini. It was nice to meet you face to vegetable for the first time.

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that are you are not likely to be invited to another dinner. Although we enjoyed your delicate taste, your rather slimy, sticky quality does not reflect - how shall I put it? - star quality. You are simply not a right fit for any of the dishes we have been producing; lately we prefer vegetables that are able to carry a dish on their own.

Please do not take this too personally; this is a purely aesthetic decision that in no way reflects on your fine flavor.

We may consider you in the future for a minor role in an ensemble production (i.e. gumbo).



  1. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Pair the okra goodness with salsa or stewed tomatoes and the slime factor will disappear. Basically anything acid will cut the mucus. If all else fails, do the Southern thang and bread with cornmeal and fry it.
    Okra pickles are fantastic too.

  2. Have you ever tried frying up some Indian spices (i.e., oil, garlic and curry spices), then tossing in a few tablespoons of liquid (e.g., water and lime juice, with a tsp of salt and sugar) and covering the okra for 10 minutes? Delicious and not slimy.

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I have no clue how people who consider themselves cooks can have their rants about okra without even attempting to research a recipe or dish from a region in which okra is typically eaten.

    A lot of vegetables are pretty bad if you boil them until they're soggy and then put them in your mouth.

  4. I have no clue why people post comments on my blog trying to make them seem better than us.

    Oh heaven forbid we don't like one of your dishes/tastes/ingredients. And by the way: read our post before you try to dis us- WE DIDN'T BOIL IT!

    As for the previous comments (before the noob)- thanks for suggestions, but we still don't like Okra.

  5. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Okra is definitely great vegetable.You should not put it in a pot full of water and boil it, then it will definetly be slimy. Try dry roasting it.