Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The Oscar-nominated Sideways is really a highbrow version Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Which is not a bad thing. Two friends on a quest for fun and fine wine in Santa Barbara county stumble instead through a series of misadventures. I found it particularly amusing that much of the film takes place in kitsch-by-the-sea Solvang, which I've stopped in many a time on the drive down to L.A.

Inspired by the film, I promptly went home and tried a new bottle of wine. No Pinot in the house, but I did have a Frambrosia Oregon Raspberry Wine
Lot 99
. We're still enamoured of sweet wines, you know. And this was sweet. Not quite as good as the other Framboise we had, but still quite nice. I imagine it would be lovely with a bit of cheesecake.

And speaking of wine, now on the list of must-haves: Hercule Poirot Wine Bottle Candleholders, which turn wine bottles into candleabras. And what a name!(from Apartment Therapy)

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