Monday, February 21, 2005

The French know what they're doing

After a summer in Paris, my sister reported that in Parisian coffeeshops, they give you a bit of chocolate to go with your cup of coffee (although some just give the chocolate to their dogs). So last week, Foodgoat took a little piece of bittersweet Scharffen-Berger to work with him for his morning coffee. He called me later and said, "The French know what they're doing." It's a wonderful combination: the hot coffee helps melt and open up the chocolate, the chocolate sweetens the bitterness of the coffee. It also makes you feel splendidly decadent.

And then there's that new book about how French Women Don't Get Fat. So sensible: everything in moderation, lots of walking, and, most radical of all, thorough enjoyment of one's meals. Novel concepts! Not only has the computer been hijacked by a pink-haired ponytailed gnome, but I've been on a health kick that has kind of sucked the foodblogging spirit right out of me. What's more depressing than suspecting you're allergic to chocolate ... or cheese ... or both? The horror, the horror!

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