Thursday, February 10, 2005

Souper Market

I'm been in a mood. A dull, blog-less, bleah mood.

First the stomach flu killed my appetite. Then the weather gets so ... February-ish. Then there was the onslaught of articles on Ayn Rand, whom I hate, yet cannot resist reading about. I can't even resist posting her cookbook marginalia. Then Alan Dersowitz joked to Catherine McKinnon, "Michigan thinks that everything Harvard can do, it can do meta". Terrible. No wonder I'm depressed.

The one bright, shiny spot in all this is the Souper Market. If Foodgoat & I were to open up our own little eatery, it might look just like this tiny, yet flavor-packed, soup stand just across the street from the West Side Market. It's Cleveland's own Soup Nazi, seemingly staffed with would-be rock stars between gigs. A picture posted there features vegetables artfully arranged into the form of an alluring woman.

And the soups are just splendid. Served with a chunk of sourdough, they are freshly made (from market stuffs)and incredibly flavorful. The jambalaya was big and spicy; the roasted butternut squash warm and sweet. Even the clam chowder, which I usually eschew, was delicious, and the lobster bisque is a particular favorite of Foodgoat's. What a bisque is I don't know, but we like it. Apparently there are people out there who don't like soup. I've never understood that, but presumably, they've never had soups like these. These soups are good.

We've gone again and again, making the Souper Market a regular stop on our Saturday market runs, and have yet to be disappointed in anything.

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