Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tryout Tuesday: Town Fryer

After several days of having soup for dinner, the goats were yappin' for something, well, unhealthy. So where else was there to go but to the Town Fryer, a new restaurant of Southern food known mostly for frying just about everything.

The place is small and cozy, the owner has a real Souther draaawl, and there's an Elvis lamp. We felt right at home at once. We began with tall glasses of tart lemonade and a basket of onion rings. Onion rings that were just too, too greasy, sadly enough. Which is not to say that I didn't like them, because I like all onion rings. Foodgoat, however, was nauseated by the sight of me scraping off the crunchy bits on the bottom of the basket.

Then came my fried chicken, which was delish: tender, skinless, boneless white meat nuggets surrounded by much crunchiness, not too greasy at all, and went well with my sweet potato fries. Foodgoat went for a fried chicken po' boy, along with maple bacon mashed potatoes on the side. He didn't go with the deep-fried mac & cheese but I suppose we must save some menu items for next time.

We never get dessert but how could I turn down deep-fried Oreos? (The deep-fried Twinkies, too, will have to wait.) The Oreos, sprinkled with powdered sugar and fresh from a vat of boiling oil, were suprisingly tasty: the chocolate cookie had turned into a soft cake-like texture, the creamy filling had dissipated, and the sweetness went well with the fried crust.

So it was all pretty good, but Foodgoat was left hurting. Perhaps an all-fried meal is not something one should spring on one's stomach without warning.

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