Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Limonada en la casa!

To quench my everlasting thirst for sourness (as well as the regular thirst that comes with one muy stuffy apartmento), I bought half a gallon of the new Minute Maid Limeade/Limonada (it was test marketed in Texas, so I guess they decided to just stick with the bilingual cartons). Previously it was only available in the frozen concentrate incarnation. This version has received much consumer acclaim, so my hopes were high.

Foodgoat's response: "It's Kool-Aid."

My response: The lime flavor, sadly, is merely a shadow of its former self, a bare hint of its full strength (think Sauron after Isildur chopped his hand off). And yes, it's too sweet to be really thirst-quenching. The sweetening culprit, unfortunately, is high fructose corn syrup, the big bad villain in American chubbiness (at least according to Fat Land : How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World). And while we're on the subject of villainy, I will also point out that Minute Maid also owns Odwalla, Fruitopia, Hi-C, and Simply Orange, and Minute Maid is one of many drink companies owned by Coca-Cola. (I have some beverage monopoly issues.)

But all is not lost. If you dilute la Limonada with some agua, it goes down much easier, becoming light, refreshing, and summery. Though I think maybe it will find its true calling in a margarita. Excuse me while I look for some salt and a tiny paper umbrella.

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