Friday, July 25, 2003

Gelato flavors of the day

As if choosing the ice cream flavor you want isn't difficult enough, gelato custom dictates that you choose two or three of them, and gelato chic requires you choose two or three of them that complement each other well. This is harder than it sounds. So in order to aquire this skill I am prepared to taste every one of the flavors at La Gelateria in various combinations. It's a sacrifice, but someone has do it. I've got a tiny spoon and I'm ready.

1) Coconut + Pineapple = Just like a pina colada! Very tropical.
2) Banana + Chocolate = Yummy, yummy! Each flavor, of course, tastes good by itself, but the sum is even greater than its parts. The current frontrunner for Best Gelato combination.

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