Monday, July 21, 2003

Finally, some Decent Pizza for a change

Decent Pizza, the new pizza place down the street, is strangely unambitious. Its name, its green vinyl décor, its location next to a laundromat, all so ordinary.

But their pizzas are definitely not ordinary: it’s California pizza. In other words, gourmet ingredients and unusual, untraditional combinations. In Foodgoat words, weird pizza.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Pineapple and ham, still eyed suspiciously by many a pizza traditionalist and food anti-explorers, has long been a Foodgoat favorite. And, as we discovered, bleu cheese on pizza (in the Red, White, & Blue pizza, which also has a red tomato sauce and white ricotta sauce), that can be pretty good, too.

Little did I know that I have second-most-annoying celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck to thank, in part, for these pizza adventures. “California-style” pizza was launched at the celebrated restaurant Spago in West Hollywood, where his signature dish was gourmet pizza made with toppings like smoked salmon and caviar. At least that’s what his website says.

I can’t attest to his pizza, but the best pizzas I’ve ever had were definitely in California: in San Francisco, at Mozzarella di Bufala and in West Hollywood, at Z Pizza. But they don’t deliver. That’s okay, because now we just have to go down the street for some Decent Pizza.

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