Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Fruit variety of the day

On my first venture into the Cleveland Food Co-op on Sunday, I bought some Superior Seedless® grapes, which are grown and distributed by Sun World. Picked up almost at the last minute, I got them mostly so that I didn’t look too weird having wandered around the aisles for half an hour, curiously peering at every product without actually picking anything up.

They turned out to be the best grapes I ever had: perfect, firm texture, juicy, and surprisingly tasty, even spicy. Really. It was like a burst of flavor in your mouth.

As a kid I used to peel grapes, so that they looked like lychees, but the grape peel isn’t so good to eat by itself. Last summer we ate frozen grapes for a while, but me and anything “ice cold,” we don’t mix so well.

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