Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Next Doctor!

OF COURSE I have an opinion about the new Doctor!  Who doesn't?  Although I would have loved  Helen Mirren (or any actress, really) as the first female Doctor, I'm increasingly excited about Peter Capaldi.  Here's why:
  • He was good as Caecilius, who David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor meets (along with the pre-Amy Pond Karen Gillian, tee hee!) in ancient Pompeii.
  • He was better as the tragic John Frobisher, the British Home Office Secretary in Torchwood: Children of Earth. (Also tragic in that Doctor Who spinoff mini-series:  Ianto.  WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO IANTO?)
  • He was in a band with Craig Ferguson when they were both in at the Glasgow School of Art.  He sang, Ferguson drummed.   So cute.
  • Doctor Who was his inspiration to become an actor.  As a 14-year-old he wrote “loads of letters” to the show.  A producer eventually sent him a package with a letter, set designs and studio floor plans.  He said in 1998, ”That was a trigger to my ambition to work in TV.”
  • No really, he was a big fan!  At 15, he wrote the following letter to a magazine in response to a feature they did on the show
    May I congratulate you on your excellent Dr Who Special. The articles, photos, and especially the Terry Nation Dalek story with the twist in the tail, were excellent.
    The Dalek construction plans will have no doubt inspired many a school to build their own Daleks. Who knows, the country could be invaded by an army of school Daleks! Ah, but we’d be sage, as we’d have Dr Who to protect us!
    Your Special has certainly made the year for Dr Who fans. A rather sad year due to the un-timely death of the Master, alias Roger Delgado. But I hope that in 15 years’ time, in 1988, you will publish another Special to celebrate 25 years of wandering in time with the Doctor.
  •  I'm serious, this guy was a fanboy.  He was involved in an epic teenage feud over running the official Doctor Who fan club. And if there anyone I can root for, it's a fanboy. 


    What to make for the Doctor Who Christmas special viewing party?  Starting planning ... now.

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