Monday, August 5, 2013

Pantry Inspirations

 I have decided what I really need is a well organized, well stocked pantry.  My inspiration comes, not from Pinterest, but from ...
The Hobbit.  Bilbo has such a big, well stocked pantry.  Did you see what the dwarves ate?  Did you see the big rounds of cheese?  All the herbs?  The dried meats?  

Orphan Black.  Alison, soccer mom clone, has not only a really enviable craft room/interrogation room, but an impressively stocked garage!  And we've seen her clipping coupons, so you know all those supplies were like 80% off.  She's my favorite.

Sadly, all I have is a disheveled closet with an extra box of Capri Sun and precariously stacked cans of tuna from Costco.  And I have been out of paper napkins for about three weeks now.  I'm clearly not living up to my ideals.

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