Thursday, October 4, 2012

When the Preschooler is Better at Making Cakes Than the Mother

You would think that a good three years after my first attempts at making cake from scratch I would be better at it.  My first cake was as ugly as a Cleveland sports team and not very good since I used the wrong kind of cocoa

My recent attempts at cake-baking in anticipation of Princess Goat's birthday have had equally  unimpressive results.  You should be glad I didn't take a photo of the latest batch of chocolate cupcakes.  They were sad.  I don't know what makes me feel like a worse mother, the fact that Princess Goat gets ugly cupcakes on her birthday or the fact that the Goatling doesn't even have a sensory bin.

 But here is the cake made and decorated by the now four year old Princess Goat. 
 Not bad, huh?  All the details were all picked by her, and she made the cake herself, with some help, of course. 
And yes, it even tasted good, especially the next day. 

The kid has got cake cred already. 

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  1. When that happens, then Mom probably has to take cupcake courses or something like that. Either that or it will be a case of kid teaching parent.