Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Unexpected Menu: Hobbit Food at Denny's

On the one hand, it makes perfect sense that The Hobbit would team up with Denny's to promote the upcoming film with Tolkien-themed "second breakfast" items. 

On the other hand, ewwww, Denny's. 

Shire Sausage Skillet: Yes, this does look like something Samwise would make.
Though I seriously doubt the actual Denny's dish really looks like this.

Dwarves Turkey Dinner:  Sure, I suppose.

Wait, do dwarves eat turkey?  Or would they just eat the potato?  Hold on while I google "what do dwarves eat". 
The Ring Burger: Get it, onion rings?  But wait, onions rings on burgers are delicious.  I'll go with yes.
There really should only be One (Onion) Ring.  Unless these are the three Elven Rings of Power, but they don't appear in The Hobbit.  Or they could offer Nine Rings, since this is a dish for Men.  In which case we'd get a lot more onion rings, which I'd prefer over those weird looking French fries.

The Hobbit Slam breakfast, okay.  Mostly.
Please don't tell me that's frosting on the bread. And that is a lot of butter for two pancakes.


 Gandalf Gobble Melt:  Ugh, no - based on the name alone. Gandalf the Grey may have liked sandwiches, but he would never call it a Gobble Melt.  A little respect, please.
What's in that bowl back there?  Gravy?  Denny's gravy?  

Hobbit Hole Breakfast:  I don't know what this is, I don't know what it means, and it sounds all kinds of wrong.  
Seriously, what is that?

 Lonely Mountain Treasure:  What is this?  Croutons?  Served on a bed of rocks?
Oh God, it's even worse than I thought: French toast with a side of cream cheese icing. 

 Radagast Red Velvet Pancake Puppies: Now that's just embarrassing.  Radagast the Brown/the 7th Doctor merits something that at least visually approximates real food.
It gets worse:  those are white chocolate chips inside. 

I don't know, I have great love of Tolkien, but I'm not sure he intended me to eat at Denny's.  Nor do I think he intended Middle-earth to have rampant rates of heart disease.             



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