Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Chobani recently sent us samples of their Greek yogurt.

I frequently make my own yogurt, but this was my first foray into trying Greek yogurt. What's the difference? Greek yogurt is usually made from sheep's milk, although cow's milk is also common. It is usually more strongly flavored, higher in fat and thicker.

My expectations of this were .... low.

I started making my own yogurt a couple of years ago, and since then, store-bought brands of yogurt have tasted increasingly bad. The more we got used to homemade yogurt, the more store bought brands seemed far too sweet and far too flavored. Even the organic, more naturally flavored brands were hard to take after we got used to freshly made, plain, tart yogurt.

So we were pleasantly surprised to find the Chobani Greek yogurt turned out pretty good.

It really was much thicker than even our yogurt. It wasn't quite as sour and tart as the yogurt I make - it was more creamy and mild. Basically, it was like eating sour cream. (I see now why my brother uses Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute).

For the most part, I'll take plain any day. But the flavors, which include strawberry, blueberry, peach, vanilla, and honey, weren't bad. Not so overwhelmingly fruity as to overpower the yogurt, and not artificial-tasting at all. Even the peach one was good, and peach yogurts are generally my least favorite.

We might actually buy this yogurt


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    We used to eat Greek yogurt with honey when we were in Greece. I'm not sure the yogurt was all that special, but the Greek honey was wonderful! I've had it once since at a high-end Greek eatery, and I'm not just having starry memories, it really is a rich, flowery, lovely tasting honey.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    The Chobani (nonfat) is good stuff. They have the large size at BJs and it has become a breakfast staple.

  3. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I'm a fan of Greek yogurt and often use it as a replacement. I love it's thick, tart flavor in comparison to conventinal yogurt. When I tried Chobani, I was supprised by the natural fruit flavors. I agree about the peach and I aslo tried pomegranate. I was supprised to find actual seeds with the fruit on it, instead of the usual lame ppomegranate flavor.