Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pom Wonderful

A case of Pom Wonderful recently landed on our doorstep.

The pomegranate juice is being promoted as an antioxidant superdrink, practically a vitamin in a bottle, but Foodgoat's first reaction upon trying the Pom Wonderful juice (provided by the company for review here):

"This would be great with alcohol."

Foodgoat, in fact, liked Pom Wonderful all around. It's similar in taste to grapefruit juice - tart, not too sweet, refreshing. In fact, he even liked it better than grapefruit juice.

I, on the other hand, don't care for grapefruit juice. So, I didn't care for Pom Wonderful.

I wanted to like it, because I think it's marketed towards me - female (the bottle even looks feminine, doesn't it?), subscription to Shape magazine, likes the word "wonderful" - but the taste just didn't do it for me.

But had they not sent us a case of POM Wonderful, would Foodgat, who did really like it, have tried it on his own? Would he have purchased that girly bottle with a big red heart in the middle of POM Wonderful on it?

No, he probably would not.

Perhaps he might have if they had called it ...

POM Awesome

POM Sport


Bomb-egranate (Maybe with a grenade-shaped bottle?)

There you go, POM Wonderful, some rebranding ideas for branching out into new markets.

Fortunately, Foodgoat likes it enough now that he would in fact buy it again. A tart, fruity drink, perfect for hot summer days, for cocktails, and even for men.

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