Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank Goodness Easter is Over

It's a great relief to me that Easter season is over, because Easter candy is quite possibly the most unappealing holiday candy of the entire year. There are Peeps (no one actually eats these, do they?), there are Cadbury eggs (raw eggs, even pretend candy raw eggs ... eww), and then there are the aisles and aisles of cheap, sugary, probably grainy and untasty, milk chocolate bunnies.

In third grade, we had to sell foot tall milk chocolate bunnies. I ended up eating a lot of them myself. I must have overdosed then, because I can't stand the idea of eating a Easter chocolate bunny now.


  1. I hate the Easter candy also, and the kids get SO much from the grandparents. My daughter did get a Lindt chocolate bunny this year (which I quickly lifted). I think I saw someplace that you are in Cleveland... I will be visiting next weekend and wondered if you could recommend any place that is casual but good and relatively kid tolerant. We will be in the Beachwood area, but we can certainly get wherever. Thanks!

  2. I have to defend Cadbury eggs as decent compared to most of the candy (in my opinion)and the filling is merely colored fondant that's partially cordialed.
    We bought bunny-shaped marshmallows from Spain and some Lindt Chocolate Easter "bugs" for our kids.

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I love peeps. love. love. love peeps.

  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Ha - I completely agree! Easter candy is so nasty!

  5. Anonymous11:04 PM

    In large doses, Peeps make my teeth itch. I like the caramel Cadbury eggs better than the standard cream eggs. In general, though, Easter candy is way, *way* too sweet.

  6. I foudn your site through Eating Cleveland. I wanted to mention that I have a cleveland cupcake round-up on my site and would love you to be involved.

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I completely agree, I NEVER eat Easter eggs (or bunnies!). I'm just not into eating that vast amount of chocolate.

  8. Anonymous2:21 AM

    I dislike Cadbury eggs and they make me quite sick, but I eat a box of them every Easter.