Monday, March 17, 2008

Cheesy Dreams

It's an old wives' tale that eating cheese gives you nightmares. I've actually never heard of this, until I came across a study by the British Cheese Board in 2005 that looked into it.

They found that eating cheese before bed actually helps with getting a good night’s sleep (it's the tryptophan). The best finding, though, is that different cheeses cause different types of dreams. For example:
  • Stilton, a blue cheese, not surprising perhaps, resulted in really vivid and weird dreams, though not necessarily bad dreams, for 75% of men and 85% of women who ate it. How weird? Talking soft toys, a vegetarian crocodile upset because it could not eat children, dinner party guests being traded for camels, soldiers fighting with each other with kittens instead of guns and a party in a lunatic asylum.
  • Brie caused women tended to experience nice dreams, such as Jamie Oliver cooking dinner in their kitchens, or sunny beaches, but men had obscure dreams, such as driving against a battleship, or having a drunken conversation with a dog.
  • Cheddar-eating participants tended to dream of celebrities.
Now this is a study just crying out for verification and reproducibility. Time for some nighttime snacks!

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  1. Anonymous4:57 PM

    I just read the article on the Daily Mail website. The whole study is a load of tosh! They fed the volunteers 20g (!!!!), only 20 grams of cheese before bedtime. If the amount was 200 g then the results would probably have been very different. But why would the British Cheese Board want to proove that cheese caused bad dreams??? Would not have been a very good advert!!