Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick and Tired, of Being Sick and Tasteless

It's no fun being sick. Especially when it's a sickness that hits Foodgoat, then takes me down, then gets Foodgoat for a second go round. And a sickness that wipes you out, and keeps us in bed, delirious and coughing, for days, and one that continues to linger on annoyingly for weeks.

But, even worse, being sick means having losing your sense of taste and your appetite. When your great comfort and enjoyment in life comes in food, it's depressing to find that nothing tastes good and nothing even sounds tasty. As a result, we haven't managed to make a good, interesting meal in weeks.

Instead, the only things we have had the energy or inclination to eat are Cheerios or bagels with cream cheese. One day we managed miso soup. Oh, and lots and lots of hot tea with honey. Indeed, we've gone through more honey in two weeks than we have in two years. Everything else, though, just tastes like cardboard. Which is really very sad.


  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I had that same horrible and annoying cough/cold and the only good thing about was that I got some help losing pounds for my upcoming wedding dress. Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese was pretty good during that time. I just wanted to say, 'hang in there,' and I felt your pain. Light should be around the corner by this weekend....

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    this tells me nothing about why sickness affects taste!!!!!!!!!! why does google post it saying that it will tell me why?????????? :(:(:(:(:(:(
    this is irritating, im never going to get this stupid science fair project done!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mistake #1: using google to do research on a science project. Come on kiddies, have you all gotten so spoiled with instant information that you can't do research right?

    Mistake #2: wasting time to post about how this site is wasting your time.

    Mistake #3: calling science stupid.

    Mistake #4: thinking we here at Foodgoat should be upset at your problem.

  4. I LOVE the list of mistakes posted above - ha ha! And, yes, as a middle school Language Arts teacher, kids have NO idea how to research!