Saturday, August 25, 2007

Orange You Beery?

Having finally finished the last Harry Potter book, blogging can once again proceed as previously scheduled.

Last week, Foodgoat and I had dinner at the Winking Lizard downtown, just before watching the Browns' preseason game (and the excellent debut of Great Brown Hope Brady Quinn), and discovered that not all buffalo chicken sandwiches are created equal. Some buffalo chicken sandwiches, in fact, are created quite badly.

Passing up on the beer cocktails this time, I tried the Ommegang Witte Ale. It's a nice, light, very summer-like beer, that I would drink again.

Except without the orange slice this time, thank you very much. Although I hadn't seen it before, white wheat beers are often served with a slice of orange, though this may be a marketing ploy to promote Blue Moon. In the case of the Ommegange Witte, I didn't care for the addition of orange at all, which made it taste far too citrusy. Actually, it made me feel like I drinking another beer cocktail after all.


  1. I've only seen Blue Moon served with an orange slice. I assumed it was unique to that beverage. If a bar is trying to sell a unique microbrew, why would they want to make it look like Blue Moon?

  2. Did you cry like I did at the end of HP 7?