Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Indian flavors

You know what beverage goes really well with a main course of pork meatballs in a curried cream sauce?

Goya Coconut Soda.

I didn't think it would taste good in general, but it was delicious with the curried pork.

Not sure how it will mesh with, say, pasta, but for Indian flavors, it's yummy.

Speaking of Indian flavors, last week we also made a version of saag paneer using tofu instead of paneer cheese, that turned out surprisingly well. It was an ideal tofu dish, in that you couldn't really tell it was tofu.


  1. That sounds really good. Is it the kind of flavor of cream soda, or more acidic?

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  3. Palaak Paneer is one of my fave Punjabi dishes! I LOVE IT! (& mataar paneer too, mataar=sweet green peas). I've often thought of substituting tofu for the paneer. My mom makes paneer fresh (it takes 2 days to make the cheese, & the climate has to be just right). But I just go to the Indian store, & you can buy pre-made paneer in the frozen section.