Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Well, hellllo Blogger, long time no post! It seems I'm not the type to blog her troubles. Or, maybe I'm not the type who can think about food at a time like this.

But finally, we have a date (May 27) and a location (the Presidio) and for now, at least, I can stop getting different stress-caused symptoms (last week was TMJ from grinding my teeth at night, and the week before was insomnia).

And now the fun part begins: creating the menu! We already have a proposal from a catering company to create "Streets of San Francisco" buffet stations that has our mouths watering.

The only thing that I found really calming during the past few weeks was tea (Foodgoat has developed an odd allergy to green tea of all things, but that's a different story). The type of tea wasn't as important as the fact that it was loose: the relaxing part is steeping the tea in hot water, and watching it slowly, inevitably unfurl, turning from tight little balls into gently waves of fragrant, recognizable leaves. All while breathing in the warm, sweet scent, with the cold winter outside.

You see what you miss with tea bags?


  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    TMJ? Too much juggling?

    I'm sorry Foodgoat (about your allergy to the green tea). I love green tea.

  2. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I remember feeling torn between 300 different wedding details. I was married last year and it all sounds too familiar. Whenever I'd get stressed out about what my soon to be mother in law was doing to drive me crazy or how big the wedding was becoming I'd just look at my cute Nate's big fat lips and everything else would go away.
    Good luck. Presidio will be divine!

  3. Tea can be a wonderful drink to consume during the winters, especially if you’re trying to get over a cold. I’m glad to see you’re enjoying it.