Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Quality Control

It's nice being recognized as a regular customer. It's even nicer when you are rewarded as a regular customer by being their beta tester.

That's what happened last week when we stopped by our very favorite pasta stand at the West Side Market, Ohio City Pasta. We've pretty much stuck to fresh pastas since discovering this place: dried pasta can't hold a candle to their herb-flavored gnocchis, raviolis, and pastas.

And with our order, Pasta Lady threw in a new product they have - a roasted vegetable pasta sauce - and told us to give it a try and let them know how they like it.

And -- we like it.

It's a good, basic pasta sauce, not too sweet or acid, not overloaded with other flavors -- just a clean tomato taste. It was yummy on its own, but it would be an excellent basis for more customized pasta dressing. Foodgoat generally modifies his store-bought sauce -- tossing in generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil, more fresh tomatoes, garlic, and whatever herbs and spices he happens to feel like that day. It doesn't take that much longer, and the result is so much better.

Our verdict -- keep the roasted vegetable sauce.

1 comment:

  1. It was a nice pasta sauce - very simple and fresh. Perfect for the summer months, too bad its winter now.