Monday, March 20, 2006

And the house goes drip, drip, drip .....

As you might have noticed, I haven't been feeling very foodish. It's very sad. Instead I have been preoccupied by the following things:

1. A digital camera which doesn't work, and refuses to magically repair itself.
2. Wondering when "ginormous" became a legitimate word.
3. A dripping bathroom faucet, the fixing of which turned into a major bathroom remodelling effort, and me brushing my teeth in the kitchen.

You probably can't help with #1. Maybe you can with #2. But you can definitely help with #3. How? Help us choose a new bathroom faucet.

First, the setting: the old vanity, repainted mint green, to match the greenish color of the old tub and the toilet ... the walls are tan and black tile ... the new counter top will be black granite, cut by a local stone place with ginormous slabs of rock ... and I've got my eye on this sink ....

But we're undecided on the faucet.

On the one hand, there's this:

But then there's also this:

And also this:

People of the world, we are stuck! Help us decide!

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