Wednesday, March 22, 2006

all about water

Happy World Water Day!

O hydrogenated oxygen, how I appreciate you. I came of age during the California droughts. I've been to places where dependable access to tap water isn't always a given. I read Dune. And watched the movie.

True, Foodgoat appreciates you more, since he is always drinking you and insists that Cleveland will soon be able to leverage its position by a giant freshwater lake to achieve worldwide domination.

But bottled water, while occasionally useful, is so often such a scam.

My favorite example so far is H2Om Water, which is ...
Water exposed to loving words and music showed brilliant,
and complex crystallized patterns under the microscope at near freezing
temperatures. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative
thoughts and words, formed incomplete, asymmetrical patterns.
The labels are designed to "energize" the water with "good vibrations", they play music to the water to further positivize it, and when you drink it while you do yoga, you're supposed to think happy thoughts.

And that's on top of the crazy wastefulness of bottled water in the first place (ask the Penn and Teller guys about that one). Remember long long ago when we didn't even have bottled water? It's a miracle we survived.

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