Friday, January 6, 2006

my new favorite grocery store

I had a single, solitary moment of deep distress this holiday season, when I thought I had left in California my three packages of languanisa that I wanted to bring back to Ohio. O, the disappointment! I have yet to find a really good brand of the sweet, succulent Filipino sausage that is available in Ohio, and I thought I'd have to suffer through several more months of deprivation, while California Filipinos revelled in easy availability of fatty yumminess.

Fortunately, it turned out they were in my suitcase after all, and three packages in my family's freezer seemed to be a backup. In other words, all is well.

Languanisa is easy to come by because there are several Filipino stores and Asian markets in the vicinity of my hometown (the city, incidentally, where a policeman was recently attacked by vicious dogs ... itty bitty vicious dogs).

But the new favorite is Island Pacific, a small chain of Filipino groceries. It's not a small, dark mom and pop shop, but a great big bright supermarket, stocked with all the Filipino brands we need, crisp Asian vegetables, and a fish section that runs the entire width of the store. Not to mention the Filipino/Chinese restaurant (with lechon!) and the Filipino bakery pumping out the scent of freshly baked pan de sal inside. Where else can I find three different brands (and sizes!) of calamansi concentrate?

Not Cleveland, I'll tell you that.

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