Wednesday, January 18, 2006


For months, I've been fiddling with my tea methods and tools, searching for the ideal teapot and the perfect seeping tool. The tea press we had until recently was great - good size, abundant room for loose teas - except that it was made of glass and couldn't retain heat, and like all our glass items, eventually broke into pieces. The tetsubin I have now is great - cast iron so it keeps heat well and definitely won't break, and looks so snazzy - except that it was way too tiny. The ceramic teapot I use is great - nice and big for a whole night worth of tea - except that the top is too small and will not fit any buy the smallest of tea balls. And I like my tea strong.

But now I've seen the Staub La Theiere, and I'm drooling. A big cast iron tea kettle and teapot, together! With a wide top to use my giant tea ball and all the loose tea I want! And so pretty too!

I wonder how long I can go before convincing myself that I really, really need a $50 tea pot?

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