Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Foodblogging has yielded finally some tangible perks!

Granted, receiving two packages of Hefty's Serve n' Store Everyday Bowls and Plates from a PR firm to review isn't quite the same level of a press pass to Iron Chef America. But we'll take what we can get.

I was all set to do a scathing review ripping yet another overpackaged, wasteful, non-biodegradable product. And they are overpackaged, wasteful, and non-biodegradable.

But, if you were to use disposable tableware for whatever reason, the Hefty Serve 'n Store ones are pretty convenient. They would be splendid for potlucks or hostesses who like to send guests home with some of the food. Construction isn't flimsy, so you can balance them on your knee without danger. They're made of something plasticky, so the watery and oily stays on the side you want to keep the watery and oil.

And the snappy clicky-clicky Interlok thing? Works great. It's actually quite a convenience to just grab another plate instead of looking for a lid that fits, or using plastic wrap or foil that won't stay on and won't let you stack things. Then it goes right into the fridge ... then right into microwave ... then onto table.

The downside of course is that it then goes right into the trash. My review would overflow with love and praise if the Serve 'n Store tableware were only biodegradable, and I could toss it into the compost pile.

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