Thursday, July 21, 2005

Computer Tech Hell

This story isn’t food related but I figured our readers might get a kick out of it…

I work for a large company and our computer core is well known for not being very helpful. We have come to accept it, but what happened here goes well beyond social quirkiness into "what the hell are you thinking?" category.

Background: our lab has 2 Macs (OSX, OS9) that we need to connect to the network. We sent out a request with all the details they need to know.

One week passes (it always takes a week for someone to show up): Tech #1 comes up to look at the Macs and writes down all the information that we already gave to them in the request. No biggie here: most people fail to give important information when they send out a request . Tech #1 (a nice guy) tells us someone will be up soon to get it done.

Another week passes: Tech#2 walks into the lab and asks if we have 2 PCs we need connected to the network.
Me: “PCs? They're Macs.”
Tech#2: “Macs? Oh, I only work on PCs. Let me write down some information and I will tell the Mac guys to come right up.”
Me: “Ok.” (But what I was really thinking was: "Why!!!!!! You should have known they were MACs – we told you in the request and Tech#1 wrote it down, too!!!!")

Now here is where the story changes for quirkiness to WHAT THE HELL?

3 days pass, which leads us to today.
Tech#3: “You have a computer with OS M.. A.. C.. OS 10 you need to install to the network?”
Me: “Yes, we also have another Mac to connect too.”
Tech#3 “They are Macs? Oh…… I only work on PCs.”
Me: (thinking: WTF!?! Why the hell do you think a PC would be running a MAC OS?.?)
Me: I didn’t say anything yet.
Tech#3 : “Well let me get some information. What address is this Mac?”
Me: “IP address?”
Tech#3: “Yeah, that.”
Me: I didn’t have a chance to answer that questions because what I saw confused the hell out of me. Tech #3 was picking up the MAC looking underneath and around the back trying to find the IP address (note: our computers at work do not have a company stickers with this kind of information on it).
Tech#3 “ Oh well, I will send one of the Mac guys up.”
Me: ?.?.?/>/.>%#$>@>@#@>!!<>????????????? How could anyone know so little about computers be in computer tech? No way in hell would I let that person work on my computer.

We'll see what happens next week.

So next time you see some computer tech urban legend about how little we "non-computer people” know about those machines – remember that it flows both ways.

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