Thursday, November 11, 2004

Veteran's Day

Though we here in Ohio didn't get so much as a day off (my mom in CA got two days off), today is Veteran's Day. Honor the American soldiers and heroes by reading their stories at the new Veteran's History Project, learing about struggles of forgotten vets, and supporting those who sacrificed.

Better yet, give a little something to our guys & gals overseas now. Send your grocery coupons to their families, then send a care package to the troops for the holidays, which needs to be sent in the next few weeks to ensure that they arrive in time. A few weeks ago, I heard a local military mother speak about how her 6"3" son in Iraq so often didn't have enough to eat because contractors do not deliver food consistently when conditions are dangerous, that he dropped down to 130 lbs. Frequently requested foods: beef jerky, kool-aid powder, energy bars, non-dairy creamer, canned tuna, hot chocolate, canned fruit. The military isn't so much known for their fine gourmet meals, so let's help a soldier out.

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