Sunday, June 20, 2004

Is My Blog Burning?: Grilled Tuna

The day before the IMBB? was due, Foodgoat decided to have his Very First Cookout at the new homestead.

He bought chicken and pineapple and asparagus and corn. Fortunately, he also stopped by the fish stand.

I thought the salmon looked very good ...

But so did the tuna steaks, so that's what he decided on.

The tuna was bright red and good enough to eat the way it was (it was sushi quality!), but a barbeque isn't a barbeque without marinating everything. We drew our inspiration from Alton Brown's recipe, and plunked our tuna in a plastic bag with a mix of 1/4 cup of dark soy sauce, 1/4 cup of honey (with a little extra because it's good), and 1/4 cup of wasabi powder (yup, that's 1/4 cup of wasabi powder). About 1/4 cup of this mix was reserved for later.

A couple hours of marinating later, Foodgoat pulled out the brand-spankin'-new Weber grill (hardwood lump charcoal only please ... no briquets and no gas for this guy), fired up the chimney starter (an underappreciated device that renders starter fluid superfluous), and when the coals were nice and hot, slapped those tuna steaks on.

Once both sides were done, it sat around for a bit, getting itself together, and I poured on the rest of the sauce.

And yum! Tasty grilled tuna. So good I forgot to take a picture.

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