Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The grilling ... doesn't ... stop!

The grilling continues. One of the reason I like grilling is that because it's just me in the kitchen doing the prep work,, the kitchen doesn't seem too small and cramped. And every time Foodgoat grills, he has a beer, gets tipsy and adds too much charcoal while waving the hatchet around.

Last night Foodgoat grilled chicken. Not just any chicken, but chicken (Amish chicken, if you must know) breasts stuffed with baby Swiss cheese and blue cheese and grilled ham. Looks nice, no?

When I first had Swiss cheese, I got a stomach ache and was convinced I was allergic to it, so I didn't eat it again for years.

Foodgoat comes up with the meat, but I pick the vegetables to grill. Anything's fair game in my mind. Here we tried corn on the cob and beets.

And the final product! The corn is freakishly bright. As you can see we also had a salad, making the vegetable/meat ratio unusually skewed. It was a lot of plants to eat. And four hours later I was ravenous again. Vegetarians must be hungry all the time.

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