Thursday, February 27, 2003

Yummy food product of the day
The U.S. has yet to discover banana sauce. It has been a secret goal of mine to bring this Filipino condiment to baseball parks, where millions of people could enjoy it with hot dogs, french fries, and burgers, just as I do. It's even better with lumpia (egg rolls to you, and another thing baseball park concession stands should have, but let's leave that discussion for another day). Basically banana sauce is a ketchup made with bananas (instead of tomatos), sugar, vinegar, and various spices. It doesn't taste particularly like bananas, but like a sweet sauce or sweet catsup (as it is also known as in the Philippines). My favorite brand, Jufran, has both a regular version (yellow cap) and a hot version (red cap), of which I prefer the regular, but then I'm not a spicy type.

A side note: my other banana sauce-related campaign is to get Jufran to put the sauce into plastic squeezable bottles instead of the glass bottles. Banana sauce is thicker than ketchup and sometimes it just won't come out, requiring lots of shaking and slapping and usually resulting in blobs of sauce everywhere. I finally transferred the banana sauce into the old squeezable relish bottle. Problem solved.

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