Monday, January 26, 2015

Samosas and The Librarians

I started watching The Librarians this season, the new show on TNT, which I think is fair to describe as an American Doctor Who.  But a little lighter, a little sillier, with magic instead of timey-wimey, a magical door instead of a TARDIS.  It's fun and it has John Larroquette, and Noah Wylie pops in every once in a while acting loopy and very Doctor Who-like, so it makes me happy.   So knowing my luck, it's going to cancelled.

The show revolves around a group of Librarians who, along with their Guardian, go around the world collecting/saving the world from magical objects.  In one recent episode, the magical object was a house.  A scary, terrifying house wherein lived a serial killer.  But it turns out the house itself wasn't evil, it was the House of Refuge.  A magical house that provides people what they need. 

And how did they discover this?  Ezekiel, the world class Australian thief, finds himself in a miniature dollhouse version of the house, and discovers that the house will give him samosas.

Yes, he asks for samosas, and they just appear.  He asks for beer and it appears in his hand.  He asks for an Xbox One, and there you go. 

But the really important thing is he got SAMOSAS. 
So since that episode, I've really really wanted samosas.  I will also take a magical house that provides samosas on demand, but I will also take samosas that I have to pick up. 

Ta da!  We got 3 orders of samosas just for us.  A few days later we got more samosas.

But I'm still not satisfied, honestly.  I could still have more samosas.

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