Friday, April 26, 2013

Finding an Asian Market in Cleveland

For many years, I have suffered from not having an adequate Asian market nearby.  There's one close to downtown, but that seems like a long drive, and it's a drive that requires me to drive by work, which I don't care to do unless I'm actually going to work.  There used to a Korean shop down the street, which had the basics but selection was limited.  And no one else ever seemed to shop there, so the owners would follow me around whenever I shopped, to see if I needed to help, which was nice but also a tiny bit creepy.  Then they stopped carrying banana sauce and I had even less reason for going there. 

Then someone mentioned to Foodgoat that there was an Asian grocery store in North Randall - the CAM Asia Supermarket

Walking inside was like being in California.  A real, true Asian grocery store with shelves and aisles of the food of my ancestral region of the world.  There was even one whole aisle with just Filipino food.  So, so happy!

So even though I now know I can run up there any old time I want to pick up shrimp chips and patis, every time I go there I want to stock up on everything we might possibly want, as if the store might disappear tomorrow.

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  1. I love CAM! So surprised you did not know about it. I also really like the Asian Food Store in the Asian Plaza on the Eastside near downtown. (Park & Shop is ok, but somehow the smells and variety aren't the same as the other two)