Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Magic Pot: Foodgoat Joins the Cult of Le Crueset

For many a long year, Foodgoat disdained the Le Creuset line as mere props for the trophy kitchen.  Like copper pots, they were expensive, pretty cookware purchased by wealthy people who rarely actually cooked for their family. 

Then I got him one for his birthday.  His old standby pot, a Le Berndes, was looking a little worse for wear after ten years of diligent use, and he really needed a new one. And the Le Creuset store which opened close to my house has been whispering, "Shop here, shop here". 

Now Foodgoat is a total convert.

Far from being a mere pot, the Le Creuset French oven is a magic pot. Everything tastes better having been made in it.  Dishes that tasted delicious in the old pot taste even better made in a Le Creuset. 

Whence comes the magic?  The latest issue of Saveur breaks it down to four key components.

But we just like to say it's magic. 

And by the way, while you can get them at Crate and Barrel or Amazon or T.J. Maxx, will the saleslady at those places mail you a hand-written note in the mail a few weeks later asking how that new pot was working out?  No, they will not.

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